Halloween kids

Elementary schools held parades across the city. Everyone came to school dressed and ready. Reynolds Elementary went to the retirement home next to the school where they were met with candy from the residents.

"That's one of the most important things to them is the candy," said Johnnie Commander, who came to Reynolds to see his kids in the parade.

He says that many parents enjoy All Hallows Eve just as much as the kids.

"You get to re-live your youth. You get a chance to go trick of treating. It's fun for us too," says Commander

The Promedica Children's Hospital held an event also. Staff gave kids a chance to trick-or-treat. These kids may not get a chance otherwise to participate in Halloween.

Steve Glad, who works in the Chirldren's Care Unit says, "It can sometimes be a lonely experience in a hospital. And this is an opportunity to break up some of the monotony."

The kids trick-or-treated through the hospital halls. The staff were all dressed in costumes as well.

A few tips to stay safe for trick-or-treating; Travel in groups for safety. Always look both ways before crossing the street. Be sure to stay dress appropriately for the weather.