Happy tenth birthday, Louie!

Ten year old Louie the elephant

At 10 years old, Louie the elephantâ??s birthday celebration was tons of fun at the Toledo Zoo.

Andi Norman, with the Toledo Zoo, said, â??A lot of visitors were saying, â??I can not believe it has been ten years since he was born here!â??â??

Weighing nearly three tons standing over seven feet tall, Louie celebrated his birthday with his followers. â??A lot of people come here specifically for Louieâ??s birthdayâ?¦some have been coming every year for the past ten years,â?? Norman mentioned.

Louie received a birthday cake, weighing 40 pounds, which the Zooâ??s Catering Department prepared for him. The recipe included cornmeal, fruits, vegetables, popcorn and peanut butter.