Has algae bloom impacted Lake Erie tourism?

<font size="2">NBC 24 visited Maumee Bay State Park and found the warning signs.</font>

Lake Erie is a popular spot especially during the Labor Day weekend, but is it safe for swimming?

According to the Ohio Department of Health, algal bloom advisories have been posted at Maumee Bay State Park and South Bass Island State Park Beach. NBC 24 visited Maumee Bay State Park and found the warning signs.


Toledo Water Crisis

State health officials say swimming and wading are not recommended for the very old, very young or people with compromised immune systems. Health officials recommend that everyone shower before and after swimming.

Tourism officials say some people have stayed away from Lake Erie because of the algae situation. "Well they may have been a handful of situations where people heard news about what happened in Toledo and changed their plans, but not to any great degree," explains Larry Fletcher with Lake Erie Shores & Islands Visitors Bureau.

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Fletcher says there will be plenty of festivals and concerts during Labor Day weekend, including Chubby Checker Saturday night.

To find out more about events and concerts Labor Day weekend, visit the

Lake Erie Shores and Islands Visitors Bureau