Hate construction congestion? ODOT says new signs offer a solution

On Friday, ODOT officials announced plans to add new variable speed limit signs to state roadways under construction.

The program is expected "to help to alleviate the seemingly endless rows of construction cones and reduce the amount of roadways with a lowered speed limit", according to an ODOT press release.

With the new signs, speeds will now only be reduced in areas where workers are present and doing work.

Drivers in Lucas County should begin seeing these signs this weekend in the Toledo Metro area.

At approximately 9pm, Friday, the new signs were placed on southbound I-75, near I-280 and on northbound I-280 just before the ramp to southbound I-75.

ODOT says these locations were chosen "because of their variable work schedules and high volume of traffic".

Each variable speed limit sign is equipped with a flashing light mounted above and below the sign.

The lights will be active whenever the speed limit displayed is lower than the normal statutory speed limit.

When work is finished for the day the lights will be turned off and the normal speed limit will resume.