Haunted Toledo investigating home with bones in floor boards


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - A strange find in an old home is bringing about a new investigation.

201 Newton Street raised some alarm earlier this week when cut-up bones were found in the walls. While the coroner determined the bones are not human

When NBC 24 first spoke with Scott Bork, the home’s owner, on Monday, he shared the house had him seriously spooked. And It wasn’t just the bones in the floor and drawings on the walls.

“I’m thinking it could be some kind of devil-worshipping or something, but I’m not sure,” he had said.

Unsettling feelings and strange looking photos had Scott worried he had disturbed something more than old bones. After seeing Scott’s story on Facebook, a viewer connected Scott with Haunted Toledo. Haunted Toledo is a local group that does paranormal investigations

“I heard that bones were found, and that’s always interesting," said Sarah Chelten, lead investigator with Haunted Toledo. "But once I started getting our lead researcher, Melissa Owens, on it - she immediately started coming up with some interesting stuff. And I said we just have to get in there and see what else we can find.”

Wednesday, the group did their preliminary walk through of the house. From the basement to the attic where the bones were first found.

“We come do a walk through and see if we can get any readings which we did today with you," explained Chelten. "We take some pictures. See if anything interesting pops up on those pictures. Speak to the people that were involved.”

The group is coming back to the site this weekend for a full, overnight investigation. After which they have some big plans.

“They’re going to actually do a documentary, in which they're doing a bunch of haunted places in Toledo. And then they’re going to write a book, so it’s - yeah,” beamed Bork.

Haunted Toledo was first started back in 2012. The founder, Christopher Tillman, started the group as a way to get youth interested in local history.

“His goal was to preserve the history of Toledo and Lucas County by telling the stories of the haunting and the legends,” said Chelten.

And this weekend, they will be adding the Bones house of Newton Street to their list of Toledo legends.

The group is uses an array of equipment, including photos, videos, EMF meters, and heat sensors. They Haunted Toledo did not want to share what their researcher uncovered until after their investigation is complete.

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