Have it your way? Family finds pot in Burger King kids meal

Surprise items showed up in a Burger King kids meal for one family in Dundee.

Three people face drug charges after a family vacationing in Dundee got an unwelcome surprise in their Burger King kids meal.

According to Dundee Police, a man purchased food for his family at Burger King, 611 Tecumseh St., on Tuesday. When the man's grandson opened his kids meal, the family found a smoking pipe inside, along with what appeared to be marijuana.

The family, who was vacationing at a nearby indoor water park and hotel, immediately contacted police.

An investigation by a Dundee police officer turned up a 23-year-old Burger King employee who admitted to owning the pot and bringing it to work along with the pipe. The fast-food worker has been issued a drug paraphernalia citation.

Two other Dundee residents, ages 18 and 20, who are not Burger King employees, also face drug paraphernalia citations in connection with the incident.

All three subjects could face additional drug charges per the Monroe County Prosecutor's Office.