Haze, heat, and humidity to usher in summer

Summer shows up a few days early with haze, heat and humidity delivering the warmest stretch we've seen since early last September. We are into a summer-like weather pattern for at least the next week as unseasonably warm and humid air stream into the region into the beginning of next week.

A frontal boundary is going to remain in our vicinity for the remainder of the work week. That front will help to initiate rounds of showers and storms in the days to come as heat and humidity flow in from the south. Under partly sunny skies highs will rise into the mid 80's this afternoon. It will be much more humid than what we saw over the weekend as dewpoints (the measure of humidity in the air) climb into the mid 60's, making it feel much warmer than the 85 degrees we experienced Saturday. We will likely see some isolated to scattered showers and storms develop as the heat and humidity build.


Extended weather forecast

We won't see much relief overnight as we stay very muggy with lows only falling to near 70 degrees. We'll approach 90 degrees for high temps Tuesday and Wednesday with humid heat indices warmer than that. We haven't hit 90 degrees since September 11th, 2013! Isolated and scattered showers and storms are likely too.

The humid, mid and upper 80's stick around for the rest of the work week, the weekend and right into the beginning of next week before we see any appreciable relief. Thursday through Monday will be hazy, hot and humid with highs in the mid and upper 80's, warmer "feels-like" temps and associated scattered showers and storms brewing with the heat of the day - afternoon and evening hours.

Be sure to take precautions from the heat and humidity: take frequent breaks from prolonged exposure outdoors; seek shade frequently; stay hydrated with plenty of water/fluids; wear light-weight, loose fitting clothing. And please don't forget the our four-legged, furry friends need frequent breaks from the heat and access to shade and water to drink. Also keep an eye out for your elderly neighbors and those with respritory issues.

Stay smart, safe and cool...

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