'Hearing The Call' restores woman's hearing after 13 years

'Hearing The Call' restores woman's hearing after 13 years

What does it mean to lose your hearing? To some, it can mean the world.

Just ask Zulica. When she was 15 years old, she was hit by a car and soon started to lose her hearing.

Zulica’s translator explained, “She was very, very scared because her sister has the same problem because of another problem and she always grew up listening to the father and mother say 'we don’t have money.'”

Zulika was one of the many hundreds to show up at Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic's free "Hearing the Call" clinic in Mozambique. Zulika, now 28, was fit with two hearing aids and it brought her to tears.

“She’s so happy because she never thought it was possible to listen again and when she feels that she can listen again, she thinks in that first moment that now she has a new life and she is going to help the father and the mother that always stay at her side.”

Zulika says she will now be able to finish school, get a better job and help her family.

Hearing the Call will soon wrap up its portion in Mozambique and move on to Zambia over the weekend.

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