Heat dangers for your pets

Toledo, OH - The heat has finally made it to the Midwest, and while many people are out trying to enjoy the weather, it is a bit sticky and humid.

People who are outside, wearing breathable clothes and drinking cold water say they are hot, imagine how your pet feels in these temps.

News stories remind the public year after year about the dangers of leaving your pet in a car unattended, yet continues to happen.

In a car, even with the windows cracked, temps can quickly overcome an animal and cause heat stroke and death.

Even if the outside temperature a moderate 65 or 75 degress, the inside of your car can reach over 100 degrees within ten minutes.

Any human can equate the way it feels, to wearing a fur coat on a hot day, while sitting in a black-top parking lot of your local grocery.

"It's like your sitting in a sauna, basically, is what putting a dog in a hot car is," says Kristi Fry, who is out walking her dog.

Animal officials say that if your one of those people who take your dog everywhere, leaving it in the car is considered cruelty, and it's better just to leave it at home.

"If you must take them somewhere, make sure you're with them. If you get out of the car, they need to get out of the car. It's too hot to leave your dog in a car alone at this point," says Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle.

Also, if you see something happening, don't stand by and wait. Officials urge you to call the humane society, or call the police to get someone there to help as soon as possible, because in minutes, your family pet, who you thought you were making happy by taking them on a ride, could be dead.