Heavy rains cause flooding in Perrysburg

Crews works to clean up after heavy rains flooded one Perrysburg neighborhood.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio - After last week's water crisis, the last thing Toledo-area residents want to hear about is more water problems, but thatâ??s exactly what residents in Perrysburg are dealing with.

For hours on Monday, residents of the Brookhaven subdivision in Perrysburg worked to rid their homes of massive amounts of standing water. By mid-day, more than a dozen homes could be seen with pumps running from their front doors.

Keith Tammarine, project supervisor of Cousino Harris Disaster Kleenup, says in the Brookhaven subdivision alone his company received more than 30 phone calls for service, all from residents with flooded basements. â??Thats not counting the people that are at work and will come home to find it so that will be another batch," Tammarine said.

Torrential rains bring flood warnings for most of Toledo-area

Tammarine said in some of the homes heâ??s seen, there's been up to two feet of standing water.

The problem was so bad most employees of Cousino Harris had to be called in, but even with the extra help, Tammarine said his crews will have to work around the clock to fix the problem.

â??We'll be out here all day and night," Tammarine said. "And anyone thatâ??s calling now will be on the list for tomorrow, so we'll be doing the whole thing over again tomorrow.â??