Hefty fee for not pulling weeds in Perrysburg

Pull weeds in Perrysburg or pay the price.

The city of Perrysburg is reminding homeowners to get rid of their weeds or the city will do it for them - at a cost.

A city ordinance states owners of property within city limits are required to keep their property mowed and free of noxious weeds. Failure to comply with the ordinance will result in the city mowing grass and removing weeds with the work being billed to the property owner.

A notification has been issued to all property owners that all noxious weeds and grass growing on lands within the city should be cut and destroyed prior to Sept. 5. If work is not performed by that date, the city will do it.

The official notice applies to residential property owners and lots under construction.

The minimum charge for the city's landscaping work is $100 for one hour and $75 for each additional hour, or part thereof.

Anyone with questions or complaints about unmowed property is asked to contact the city of Perrysburg's Department of Public Service at 419-872-8020.