Herman Cain endorses Joe the Plumber

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Samuel â??Joe the Plumberâ?? Wurzelbacher (R) received support Friday night from a former GOP presidential candidate.

Herman Cain (R) was guest speaker at the Lucas County Republican party Lincoln Day Dinner where he edorsed Wurzelbacher for Congress in Ohio's 9th Congressional District.

Cain tells WNWO that Wurzelbacher will be a force in Washington and will not be compromised by the establishment.

â??He has common sense, great character and integrity. We don't need another legislative expert in Washington D.C. We don't need another lawyer in Washington D.C. We need somebody with common sense and secondly when Joe tells you he's going to do something, he's going to do it.â?? Herman Cain said.

Wurzelbacher calls Cain a personal friend and says his endorsement will bring great national attention.

â??(Cainâ??s) endorsement means the world to me because he believes in me.â?? Samuel Wurzelbacher said.

Wurzelbacher believes that his 3 year longevity as a political figure and his endorsement is due to utilizing his â??15 minutesâ?? for good.

â??The last three years all I have done is give back. I havenâ??t tried to make a million dollars off of â??Joe the Plumberâ?? â?? said Wurzelbacher, â??I went out to ask people to get involved and make educated choices, instead of voting for somebody 'cause they heard a 30 second sound bite.

Wurzelbacher also credits his philanthropy with helping wounded veterans through his charity, Alaskaâ??s Healing Hearts.

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