Heroes take time to shop with kids

It's not their usual call of duty, but Oregon Police, Fire Department, Maumee State and Person Metropark rangers all responded to the needs of 20 children participating in Oregon's first Shop With A Hero Day.

"When we were approached by Meijer, I contacted the Oregon Christmas Basket program and I just asked them to submit some names of families in the area," said Sergeant Tony Castillo.

Each child was matched with a local first responder, given a $100 Meijer gift card, and brought all the excitement that goes along with meeting their heroes.

"They're nice and they help out a lot and I'm really thankful they're doing this for us" said nine year-old Ashia Potter.

"It's cool to go shop with a hero," said nine year-old Madison Cook. "I was telling my mom how I want to be a police officer"

The kids loaded up their carts with toys, games, clothes and everything in between, not just for themselves, but for their friends and family.

"I'm shopping for my sister-in-law and my brother and my niece," said eleven year-old Samantha Bohlane, "and [my twin brother] and one present for me and a present for my mom and dad."

"It's an opportunity to be with my family and have fun and shop for other people that I really love and care about," said eight year-old Angelina Clark.

For the local authorities, it was an opportunity to serve their community in a different way.

"The child I was with, Sawyer, great boy. Big heart," said Ranger Matt Timbrook. "He put his family in front of himself and boy, it's just good to see that."

Sergeant Castillo told us he hopes to team up with Meijer again next year for an even bigger and better Shop With A Hero Day.