Hickey to be allowed at next board meeting off school grounds

All 300 seats were filled at Wednesday night's Washington Local Schools Board meeting (WNWO).

Patrick Hickey will be allowed to go to the next board meeting for Washington Local Schools.

The Washington Local Schools Board tabled a vote to waive the banning and separation agreement of Patrick Hickey. They did, however, elect to move the meeting out of the administration building, allowing Hickey to attend. Now, the school board will attend the next few months' worth of meetings off school grounds.

"We do have to get this board back in line. We have to get the district back in line. I don't know what healing is necessarily going to take place," said new Board President Thomas Ilstrup.

Former Superintendent Hickey was voted onto the school board in November, despite being banned from school property. This came after an altercation with a basketball official in February 2016.

Hickey resigned from his position as superintendent in December of 2015. This came after a list of 37 charges were placed against him by a school appointed law firm.

Prior to the meeting, Hickey was sworn into office on Facebook live by his former assistant.

"Those of you who didn't vote for me, I will gain your trust over 48 months. Trust me, I will gain your trust as I love and lift up your kids, as I support our staff, as I return the district to incredibly great report card grades again," declared Hickey.

The board accepted public comment at the beginning of the meeting, limited to three minutes timed apiece. Speakers included former Addison Local Schools co-workers and students, and former board member Eric Kiser.

"We know the truth. To me, it's an easy decision. If I was still there, I know what I would do. I'm asking you to do the same, as a father. I'm not a board member now, just a father."

Not having Hickey at the meeting did lead to about a ten minute stalemate in the board president vote. Lisa Canales and David Hunter were stuck with a 2-2 vote, before it was unanimously decided to elect Thomas Ilstrup.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, January 18th. The time and location has not been set.

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