High number of child deaths in 2012 spark more awareness on abuse

Child murder rates in Toledo are the highest they've been in 17 years.

Ten children were killed by their parents or caregivers last year. That's the highest amount in any year since 1995.

For parents like Jeremy Glynn, he still grieves his son Avery Glynn Bacon, "It hurts so bad, I don't understand it. I miss him," he said.

His son Avery died from brain injuries allegedly at the hands of his mother, Amanda Bacon.

He joins a list of children killed in various forms of violence. But if you're looking for a simple answer, experts say you won't find it.

"It's not an isolation that if we take care of this, no children are going to get hurt because it's such a big issue," said Dean Sparks of Lucas County Child Services.

Sparks says Lucas County Children Services ranges from substance abuse to mental illness. But if those are the problems, then why are the solutions not working?

"Early childhood programs education programs for parent, the support form the federal and state level. Those are the first programs to get cut," Sparks said.

County leaders say they need the communities help in protecting children from abuse and neglect. They say people need to be on the look out for bruises and injuries and changes in behavior, and parents need to use discretion in who watches over their children.

Some things to look out for include people who show anger or impatience when a child cries, calls a child bad names or puts them down, or scares and threatens child with weapons

Lucas County Children Services says if you notice any abuse or neglect to call 419-213 CARE (2273).