High winds rip Sandusky County trees apart

Sandusky County, OH - Driving up and down residential streets in Bellevue, Ohio, everywhere you look, trees and branches are hanging from power lines.

Dozens of streets are impassable due to downed trees as the winds that ripped through the county Wednesday afternoon reached upwards of 70 miles-per-hour.

Gary Salmons has been cutting broken wood and loading his pickup truck since just after the storm, he had just gotten home from work when the storm hit.

"Tornado sirens were going off so I closed all the windows and went into the basement. And then I started hearing strange noises," Gary recalls.

The noises he heard were broken tree branches hitting his house. Then he says he heard on last big "thud" before the storm past.

When Gary came out to inspect the damage, he discovered that the "thud," was the 100-year-old tree in his front yard, falling on to his house. It's now uprooted and leaning against his roof.

Numerous homes in the area have trees practically sitting in their front rooms. One garage was completely demolished courtesy of a falling tree. Downed power lines are everywhere.

There are cars smashed by branches, and even grave stones that are on tilt. The entire area looks like it went through a "tree war."

Residents are digging out, but many say they are accustomed to the unpredictable weather here in Ohio.

Gary Salmons says this last storm was one of the worst he's seen in years, the last big storm knocked a tree down destroying his porch.

With this storm knocking down his other large tree, he says he's not too worried any longer. And, there are no more trees left in his yard to threaten his home.