Higher Ohio Turnpike tolls roll out for the new year

For the first time in two years, drivers will have to pony up more cash to travel on the Ohio Turnpike starting Jan. 1.

A one-way trip across the length of the turnpike will rise from $15 to $16.50. But cars using an electronic E-ZPass will pay slightly less--Up to $11.25 from $10.25.

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The Ohio Turnpike Commission told the Associated Press they approved the toll increase in 2009 right before the launch of E-ZPass.

Depending on the interchange, some drivers might not see any increases in their tolls. Others, like those taking the westbound turnpike from State Route 7 to Hallock-Young Road in Lordstown, will see a 25 cent difference.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)