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      "Hiring in Toledo" celebrates a year of connecting people to jobs

      D o you need a job ? I f you haven't had luck in the classified ads , or by visiting the unemployment office, you might want to try Facebook. That's because there's a page called "Hiring in Toledo."

      The F acebook page takes social networking to a whole new level. F acebook was a place where people connected with friends and family. N ow people are getting connected with a job thanks to this site.

      " H iring in Toledo" is celebrating their one year anniversary. The page is easy to find on Facebook. Just type in "Hiring in Toledo" in the search engine and you'll find dozens of jobs posted.

      T he people behind the page don't belong to some big corporate job placement company. I nstead it's a family made up of a husband , wife, and mother in law who manage the page and post updates about jobs throughout Northwest Ohio.

      T hey know first hand the struggles of trying to find a job , "we've gone the route of going to other people's houses for showers, we've gone the route of having to get frozen food from an uncle. we know how hard it is to live day by day, paycheck to paycheck or no paycheck," says David Jeffries, co-creator of "Hiring in Toledo."

      N ow Jeffries and his family are getting to see what success looks like. A year after the page was created, they're now earning revenue from a website they created separate from the Facebook page, called Hiring in Toledo.com. That revenue is generated from advertisers who post jobs on the site.

      I f you want to check out the Facebook page click here, http://www.Facebook.com/update_security_info.php?wizard=1#!/groups/HiringInToledo/.

      Or to check out their website, click here, http://hiringintoledo.com/