History Re-enacted at Muster on the Maumee

Visitors to Fort Meigs experienced living history this weekend at Muster on the Maumee 2013.

Military Re-enactors from ancient Europe through the 20th Century demonstrated the evolution of the common soldier over time.

Medieval era soldiers taught guests how to defend themselves at Medieval Pike College. Those who successfully demonstrated readiness to fight in battle earned an honorary completion certificate.

Many of the re-enactors stayed the weekend living in tents, under similar conditions to their respective era in history. Civil War re-enactor Mary Drown even disclosed that she was under-cover as â??Frank Drownâ?? in the Confederate army.

â??Women were not allowed to be in the service, they were sent home,â?? said Drown. â??If I can impersonate myself as a man and not get found out, I can serve the whole term through the war.â??

Although Drown and other soldiers described death and other hardships as a part of daily life during the Civil War, there were happy times as well. Bob Ford kept crowds entertained playing folk songs with a guitar and banjo, creating a â??campfireâ?? scenario.

A medieval jousting tournament served as one of the weekendâ??s highlights. Jouster Tom Nader mounted his horse, grabbed a lance and did battle against his own wife. The crowd roared as the two knights wielded swords and other weaponry draped in about 65 pounds worth of shining armor.

War of 1812 re-enactors also thrilled crowds, firing cannons and muskets in 200th anniversary demonstrations of the conflict.