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      Hoffa rallies local Teamsters to get out the vote

      Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa addressed union members to get out the vote Thursday during a rally at Teamsters Local Union 20 in Toledo.

      "This is the most important election ever," urged Hoffa. "We've got to get out on November sixth. Get out and vote, that's what we've gotta do."

      Hoffa advocated voters to support candidates who cater to the needs of the middle class. He praised the democratic campaign, "We've had nobody ever say he wants to dismantle the American labor movement." He continued, "We're making the best cars ever made in America, by Americans."

      Hundreds of AFSCME members joined Teamsters from as far as Cleveland to endorse the Obama campaign's push to protect the future of working families in America.

      "Unions were extremely important in my family, because they enabled my family to move into the middle class," said AFSCME President Lee Saunders. The Cleveland native told voters, "The weight of the world is on your shoulders. Who better to handle that weight than the mighty Teamsters union. Who better to handle that weight than the green mean machine of AFSCME."

      A union-backed campaign was instrumental in the repeal of Senate Bill 5 last November, which was introduced to place regulations on collective bargaining. "We've had a terrible experience here in Ohio with SB5," Hoffa told WNWO. "The people of Ohio know how to fight back, they know how to do citizen's veto. And they're gonna show that off on election day and vote for Obama."

      Hoffa has campaigned recently throughout Ohio, recently making a stop in Cincinnati. He plans to join Saunders in Cleveland on Saturday.

      "Mitt Romney, I've got some bad news for you. You ain't gonna win Ohio, and you ain't gonna be president," Hoffa professed. "We've got a clear choice here. We have to go out and win, and together, we can."

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