Holland couple takes their pain pill battle to Statehouse

April Schalow, of Holland, spoke before an Ohio House Committee about her former addiction to prescription pain pills.

A Holland couple, on a mission to end prescription drug abuse, took their message to the Ohio House of Representatives on Tuesday.

April and Kyle Schalow spoke before legislators on the House Prescription Drug Addiction and Healthcare Reform Study Committee about April's former addiction to prescription pills.

For a year, April Schalow kept her addiction a secret from her husband but was eventually able to kick the habit with his help.

April says the addiction developed after a former doctor steadily increased her dosage of prescription pain medication before cutting her off cold turkey.

The Ohio House Committee, considering legislation to prevent April's situation from happening to others, sought out the couple's testimony as they announced several bills aimed at addressing opioid addiction.

â??This summer, our committee learned how pervasive and devastating opioid addiction is in Ohio,â?? said Committee Chairman Robert Sprague, (R-Findlay). â??Drug overdose has now surpassed traffic accidents to become the leading cause of accidental death in Ohio, and prescription opioids account for more deaths than cocaine and heroin combined.â??

Among the proposals is

House Bill 314

which would prevent opioids from being prescribed to minors without a parentsâ?? consent.

Of the other 8 bills introduced are House Bill 332 which would create higher standards of care for physicians treating chronic but non-cancerous pain and House Bill 367 that would requires prescription pill addiction be taught to students in health class.

While in Columbus, the Schalow's also met Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.