Holy Toast! Break bread with Jesus, literally...

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An entrepreneur in Vermont has come up with an original way to wrap breakfast and religion all into one.

Galen Dively has invented customized toasters, one of which prints the face of Jesus on every slice.

Dively says he got the idea two Christmases ago when he bought a toaster that had a cartoon character on it. He then decided to take his business experience selling t-shirts and running a cyber caf to launch his company, Burnt Impressions.

Dively admits he TMs gotten a few complaints, but says he hasn TMt gotten very many.

I TMm putting a smile on several thousand people TMs faces, says Dively.

Burnt Impressions not only offers the Jesus toaster, but they also sell toasters with the Star of David, and the Crescent Moon of Islam.

With the holidays on the way, the company has been catching the eye of online shoppers. Shoppers have been snapping up between 50 and 100 Jesus toasters a day.

I TMm not even getting rich off of it, but I TMm paying for my gas and having fun with it, said Dively.

If you TMre interested in grabbing the toaster for someone this holiday season, the toaster sells for $32 including shipping. You can find all of the toasters on Burnt Impressions website.

What do you think of the toasters? Do you think they are sacrilegious? Or, do you think they are in the spirit of good fun?