Home explosion in Bettsville under investigation

<font size="2">Authorities said there was nobody home at the time of the blast.</font>

There's not much left of a home torn apart by an explosion Thursday morning in Bettsville.

The Ohio State Fire Marshal was on scene investigating what caused a home near Monroe and Union to erupt into flames.

Seneca County Sheriff's Office confirmed they received a call of the explosion shortly before 8:30 a.m.

Authorities said there was nobody home at the time of the blast.

A nearby resident Stan Poe, who lives a few houses from the blast, woke up in the morning to the smell of gas.

"Definitely not something that happens every day or every week or even every month in Bettsville," Poe said.

Bettsville Fire and EMS, Old Fort Fire, Kansas fire and Bascom EMS arrived on scene to battle the flames.

Poe said the explosion made him concerned for his safety.

"Makes me think it could have been my house and if I'd started the car or something it could have triggered an explosion," he said. "It did make me think twice."

Neighbors say they're a bit more cautious and plan on double checking their gas lines and furnaces after the incident.