Homeless shelter invites Toledo mayoral candidates to dinner

"Winner, winner, chicken dinner" was the theme for dinner at Family House

Mayor Mike Bell, City Councilman Michael Collins and around 15 volunteers helped serve a home cooked meal to the residents at Family House.

There are 107 beds in the homeless shelter, all of which are full, being occupied by 36 families. The Executive Director at Family House, Renee Palacios expressed her excitement towards the mayoral candidates helping serve dinner. Palacios said, "our families are very excited to have both Mayor Bell and D. Michael Collins here to break bread with them today. They are excited to be here and we are excited to host our two leaders and have them truly get to meet the folks we serve and hear from them."

The candidates did not arrive empty handed, for they both brought food for the families at Family House.

"A lot of the time the voices of the homeless are not heardâ?¦the (homless) are just has important as the people who are housed in our community and whoever becomes mayor going forward, they represent both of those people who are housed and (homeless) in Toledo," Palacios said.