Homeowner fed up with water and heating issues in home

<font size="2">The flooding seen in the video resulted in her furnace breaking again.</font>

On a chilly night, a lot of us stay warm simply by cranking up the heat.

Toledo resident Marilyn Doss can't do that because she lives in a home where the basement is prone to flooding, and the furnace is broke.

With Christmas a week away, her wish is simple, "I want all of it fixed," said Doss.

That what's she thought earlier this year. When her basement flooded, the city of Toledo stepped in and replaced damaged items including her furnace through the city's flooding grant program.

The city paid plumbing company T& J Rooter Service to install a new check valve and sump pump. After a heavy rainfall in June, her basement flooded and Marilyn recorded it with her camera.

The flooding seen in the video resulted in her furnace breaking again.

Now with freezing temperatures, space heaters and the oven are the only way Doss stays warm.

"I have to leave the house to wash, stay bundled up. I usually have a onesy pajama, socks, sleeping in robes," explained Doss.

Doss contacted two different plumbers, who told her the sump pump in her basement was improperly installed.

T & J R

ooter Service denied an wrongdoing. WNWO called T & J Rooter Service, no one was available to talk about this situation Wednesday night.

Doss says
she wants the water issues fixed first.