Homeowner not happy with snow plow efforts on side street

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As temperatures slowly warm up, many streets are still covered in snow. It's a problem that angers some residents.

"We haven't had a plow cleanup since the first snow that we had and he only passed through one time and never came back," says north Toledo resident David Hinkle, who lives near Hawk and Lewis Street in north Toledo.

David Welsh, who oversees snow plowing in Toledo, disagrees with Hinkle. He told WNWO's Bryant Maddrick over the phone that every street in the city has been plowed at least once since this recent storm.

David Pratt, Acting Commissioner for Toledo Streets, Bridges and Harbors, said earlier this week, crews work 12-hour shifts during this week.

Hinkle says he's not impressed with the efforts so far.

Most cars managed to get by on the snow-covered street, except for one vehicle that got stuck trying to make room for another car traveling in the opposite direction.

"We need to get the plows on the side street too," says the driver of the stuck vehicle.

The city says plowing will continue, and half of the streets in the city have been plowed a second time. Meanwhile, because temperatures have warmed slightly, cars are no longer being towed off residential streets.

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