Honor Flights warn of scam ripping off elderly veterans

A new scam targeting elderly veterans right here in Northwest Ohio.


he scheme is using the name of the charity
Honor Flight Northwest Ohio to get your money.

Honor Flight Northwest Ohio is

a program that sends vet


to the
World War II memorial in Washington D.C. free of charge.


hese men have fought plenty of battles.
Now they're fighting another one, a scam. "It upsets me they prey in older people that way," explains Pat McVickers, whose 89 year old father was a victim of the scam on Monday.





told him he needed a $35 dollar donation and needed his credit card number to be able to go



says McVickers.

McVickers knew something sounded odd and contacted leadership at Honor Flights Northwest Ohio.



e haven't even started calling for the flights coming up in the season so no veterans actually been told by
Honor Flight Northwest Ohio they're actually on their 1st flight, 2nd flight, or 3rd or 4th. So that's when I got concerned. I realized this is probably something a lot more involved," explains Lee Armstrong, president of Honor Flight Northwest Ohio.


Flight Northwest Ohio collects money for flights from donations and fundraisers. And if you go to their website, they clearly state they'll never call to solicit funds.




ickers checked and found out scam artist charged
$35 dollars on his dads credit account. The advise to his father is the same for everyone, "I told him never, ever give up his credit card number for someone who calls him."


hile the amount taken from
McVicker's father may seem small, Honor Flight Northwest Ohio is concerned that's how this scam is flying under radar. Now they're hoping there aren't more victims.

If you or someone you know is a possible victim call police or Honor Flight Northwest Ohio at 419-410-7729 or email the organization at