Hopping along for a cause

Students from Fort Meigs Elementary School run to grab a sit and bounce ball

Fort Meigs Elementary School in Perrysburg, held their 3rd annual Hop-A-Thon fundraiser.

All funds raised are used to support classroom needs, student activities and community events including the 5th grade musical, Grandparentâ??s Breakfast, and track and field.

Amy Gerken, who organized the event, commented about the fundraiser saying, "â?¦in a time of budget cuts and poor economy, it is a great way to raise money for the school."

536 students attended the Hop-A-Thon.

Gerken said, â??â?¦the kids absolutely love the Hop-A-Thon, they look forward to it every yearâ?¦it is a very well received opportunity to help raise money for the schoolâ??

The event has reached a little over $19,000.