Hostess, Twinkies back on shelves

Northwood, OH - Since the end of 2012, Hostess trucks have sat without a purpose.

But today, Hostess fans can breathe a sign of relief as certain brand names have returned to shelves.

Many of the brand names have a new owner, and have been backed by the clever ad campaign slogan, "The Sweetest Comback in the History of Ever."

"It hasn't been the same. I've been buying other brands but they are nothing like the Hostess [brands]," says Dawn Bachar, who was shopping at Meijer.

If you're a twinkies fan, you may have to wait a little longer, however. Numerous grocery stores stocked their shelves Monday morning, and had sold out before noon.

Other items are available. Chocolate cupcakes and donettes still have plenty in stock, and other brands are expected to come soon.

The Northwood, Ohio Hostess plant is still inactive, but it is reportedly part of a deal with a another, Flower Food Inc. that has not yet been finalized.

There is no word yet if the new owner will re-open the plant, or if re-opened, whether the 1,800+ workers will be re-hired.

"Our economy is getting better, but I think we have a long way to go," says Bachar, "So if Hostess comes back and gives us those jobs we'll be a lot better."

Twinkie lovers do not have to worry about the items being sold out so quickly, because stores are expecting more shipments on Friday.