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      Hotels thriving during storms

      Every city in Northwest Ohio has taken a pounding this winter, none more so than Findlay.

      And while everyone is just doing their best to dig out, the hotels in Findlay have seen a bump in business recently.

      "We do have a lot of local people that sometimes stay," said Lolie Anez from the Findlay Inn & Conference Center.

      At the Findlay Inn, all 80 rooms are filled by people who are anticipating the storms.

      "We've had to turn people away because we were so full," Anez said.

      The influx of business is primarily due to convenience, she says. People are wanting to come closer to downtown because there are amenities available.

      Also, the downtown area is made passable soon after a heavy snow, but more rural roads remain snow covered and inaccessible. Road crews work by priority, and outlying areas are considered secondary, and get done last.

      So to avoid the risk of being snowed in, many residents in the more remote areas escape to downtown hotels for a "staycation."

      "It's always nice to stay in a hotel, and it seems like a vacation," explained Anez.

      And by doing this, residents are putting money back into their local economy.

      Many hotel employees live in those outlying areas as well, making the drive into work impossible. But since the hotel business is a 24/7 business, they need everybody to make it in.

      To solve that issue, employees are offered a room in the hotel to stay over.

      "Employees themselves wind up staying here. We had a few that stayed here this past couple of days," Anez said.

      Though it's difficult to find anyone that prefers this ongoing severe weather, it seems to be good for business for hotels.