Hottest woman of all-time announced

Jennifer Aniston tops Men's Health list of "Hottest woman of all time" / Flickr

Who is the hottest woman ever? That was the question posed by Men's Health magazine that sparked the debate across the country.

People will tend to show their age by the choice they make. Younger generations will lean towards a Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansson while the slightly older will pick Madonna and even Marilyn Monroe. But, I don't think anybody saw these results coming.

Jennifer Aniston won the crown, followed by Raquel Welch (#2), Marilyn Monroe (#3), Britney Spears (#4) and Madonna (#5).

"Funny is sexy, and Jennifer Aniston is funny," the Men's Health article said.

While some may say that it's nice for the magazine to appreciate other qualites in their decision-making process, others argue that shouldn't factor in the "hot" category and that looks are the only criteria.

What are your thoughts? Should a woman's looks be the only factor in "hotness" or do you need to include other aspects?