How under $1 a day could have saved fire victims thousands

Nobody wants to plan for the worst, but thinking ahead could have helped the 69 people that lost everything in a fire at the Hidden Cedars condo complex on Sunday.

According to the Red Cross, residents in only 1 of the 20 units damaged or destroyed in the Springfield Township blaze had renter's insurance.

"Tenants policies are very important coverage...if your apartment is caught in a fire your contents would be covered," Paul Johnson of Brooks Insurance said.

Representatives from Brooks Insurance say that tenant policies usually go for less than $1 a day or as little as $150 a year.

The rates vary depending on the value and amount of items a person is looking to cover.

Adding a renter's insurance policy to the one already established for a car can also qualify a person for an additional discount.

"$20 a month could be very inexpensive in terms of if you do have a loss," Johnson adds.

Brooks Insurance say liability coverage is something else tenants should consider.

Johnson says an "umbrella" policy would cover, not only, your losses but also of another person if you're held responsible for damage.

Do you have renter's insurance? Do you think it is worth the money? Has the Sylvania Township fire, this week, encouraged you to purchase it? You can sound off below or on our Facebook Fanpage.