Huge discovery made in Baby Elaina case

Elaina Steinfurth

It was hard to find a dry eye in east Toledo after police made a huge discovery in the search for missing toddler Elaina Steinfurth.

Thursday afternoon, Toledo police executed a search warrant at 704 Federal Street. After searching the garage they discovered and took away a cardboard box. The Lucas County coroner says what was inside that box appears to be human remains.

That news eroded any hope many people had of a safe return for the toddler, including Elaina's father. "It's hard to be optimistic right now," said TJ Steinfurth.

It's hard for a lot of people. For three months, people have gathered in an empty lot twice a week praying for a miracle.

People are bracing for the worst possible news that the remains may be Elaina's, yet they are angry that the discovery was just across the street from where the many vigils were held. "Irate, angry don't even begin to cover it. Don't even begin," said Steinfurth.

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A lot of people were angry, and a fight even broke out Thursday, prompting heavy police presence.

Yet, at least one family member is angry at the police for how they handled the investigatio. "The Toledo police botched this whole investigation. I tried working with them and do this and do that, trying to be fair with them, and they botched the whole thing," explained Richard Schiewe, stepfather of Angela Steinfurth and Elaina's grandfather.

Toledo police say more details will come out Friday. In the meantime, a family is just trying to heal. "If it is Elaina, at least we could put her to rest and everybody. TJ and his dad and everybody can have peace, we all can have peace," added Schiewe. He went on to say that an account for Baby Elaina has been set up at Genoa Bank.

The Lucas County coroner has said his office will confirm if human remains were indeed inside the box taken from the Federal Street home.

Toledo police say a press conference will be held Friday to discuss why a warrant was executed at the Federal Street home.

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