Humane Society investigating discovery of animal remains

The Toledo Area Humane Society has launched an investigation in connection with the discovery of several dead animals at an animal rescue operation in West Toledo. On Wednesday WNWO captured exclusive video of volunteers from the Lexus Project digging up the ground at the Luann Avenue home owned by Kathy Sutter, the owner of Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue. At least one dog was unearthed as well as several small bags that contained animal remains.

Veterinarian Dr. Steven Graber took possession of the animals and performed examinations at his west Toledo animal hospital. On Thursday Dr. Graber reported preliminary findings to the Lexus Project who posted the information on their Facebook page. Dr. Graber informed the group that one dog "was so horribly petrified that the head arms and legs fell off when the dog was lifted". Carissa Curry, who participated in the Wednesday night dig ,suspects those remains are those of a dog named Sasha who went missing last month. "Sasha was reported to have run away back in September and she disappeared off the face of the earth never to be seen again; we got a tip that she was shot in the head and buried in the backyard of the rescue," Ms. Curry said.

Greg Willoughby of the Toledo Area Humane Society says his agency is investigating Ms. Sutter. Willoughby is concerned that the Lexus Project's actions Wednesday night at Ms. Sutter's Luann Avenue home may hamper the investigation. "It may make our case more difficult because we weren't there to witness it, our veterinarians didn't see the animals and our officers weren't part of it," Mr. Willoughby said. Willoughby says Ms. Sutter has agreed to be interviewed by the humane society in the presence of her lawyer though no date has been set for the interview. Willoughby says that agents from the humane society met with the Lucas County prosecutor's office on Thursday to determine how to proceed with the investigation.

Kathy Sutter now lives in Perrysburg. The Wood County Humane Society says it is trying to make an arrangement with Sutter to inspect the dogs that are on her Perrysburg property.