Humane Society removes 70 cats from trailer home

Dozens of cats and kittens are up for adoption at the Humane Society of Sandusky County, after a total of 70 were removed from a trailer home in Sandusky County.

Rusty Marshall complained to the Humane Society several times of foul odors coming from his neighbor's home in Green Springs.

â??It was like sticking your head in a dirty litter box and never taking it out,â?? Marshall described.

The homeâ??s only resident was 54-year-old Barbara Shockley. The nightmare began when Shockley rescued three cats from the winter cold seven years ago. None of the cats were fixed and began to multiply.

Authorities found four dead kittens when they entered the feces-covered home on Monday. Humane Society Animal Cruelty Investigator Kelly Askins said many other cats were malnourished and had protruding bones and respiratory infections. 34 cats were euthanized at the Fremont Animal Hospital.

â??Two truck loads and a van full of cages, that still wasnâ??t enough to get them all out,â?? said Marshall. He added, â??They had to borrow a couple (cages) from me and my neighbor.â??

Shockley has been asked to vacate the home. Askins said the Humane Society intends to file an animal cruelty complaint with police by Friday.