Hundreds attend Collins Cares Celebration

Months after the election of D. Michael Collins as Toledo's mayor, hundreds of political and business leaders packed the Seagate Centre to celebrate his victory.


reen and white balloons serve


as a gateway to the

"Collins Cares Celebration." S

pace inside the Seagate convention center was packed with community



and business leaders.


nyone who wanted to attend the event had to pay at least $100 dollars, "money, that's the mothers milk of politics," explains Matt Zaleski, Collins Cares chair for special events committee.


ollins campaign officials say around 400 people attended the event.



he money raised tonight is going to go actually into the campaign


he Committee to elect D. Michael Collins." The reason why we have that set up that way is there's going to be times where mayor Collins in his capacity is going to have to make trips quite frankly taxpayers can't pay for and shouldn't pay for, and the campaign would be able to afford the cost of those trips," adds Zaleski.


ampaign treasurer and Toledo first lady Sandy Drabik explained money raised at the event will address campaign expenses, charitable reasons, and the furtherance of office.


ampaign officials say they don't have a specific goal on how much they want to raise

but are expecting anywhere between $50 thousand and $100 thousand dollars to be collected.

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