Hundreds of drugs seized at Fremont head shop

Bath Salts

Authorities in Fremont confiscated alleged drugs and paraphernalia from local head shop.

The Fremont Police department executed a search warrant Tuesday afternoon at Reflections located 1526 W. State St. Authorities seized 300 individual packages of suspected â??Bath Saltsâ??, 50 packages of suspected synthetic marijuana, and over 500 pieces of suspected paraphernalia.

The search was a result of an ongoing investigation. Suspected drugs seized will all be tested at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) ruled synthetic drugs as a scheduled 1 controlled substance per House Bill 64, which went into effect October 17, 2011.

If the alleged drugs comeback positive, the case will be presented to the Sandusky County Grand Jury.

Information provided by the Fremont Police department.