Hundreds rally at BGSU

Over 300 Bowling Green State University students and professors held a rally on the campus Wednesday afternoon to voice their opposition to faculty cuts announced by the administration last month. Among the protestors was journalism instructor Dave Sennerud, who is among the 100 teachers whose BGSU career will end at the conclusion of this semester. "This year I knew I was at risk and while I didn't expect to work here the rest of my life making as little as I do the way they did it was dehumanizing," Mr. Sennerud.

Student Morgan Holliger said the teacher layoffs and an increase in class sizes has galvanized students. "This is an amazaing show of solidarity and to see all of these students here shows that we are aware how these cuts are going to affect the quality of our education," Ms. Holliger said.

David Jackson, President of the BGSU Faculty Association, hand delivered 5,100 signed petitions urging University President Mary Ellen Mazey to reconsider the faculty attrition. "I'll look through them, but the decision is firm," President Mazey said. Mazey said the reduction in faculty is part of an overall strategy to bring professor salaries closer to market value.