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      Hunters lead deputies to body in car with engine left on

      <font size="2">The Fulton County Sheriff's Office identified the body as <font face="Arial"><font face="Arial">Brandi</font></font> G<font face="Arial"><font face="Arial">onyer-</font></font>B</font><font face="Arial"> <font size="2" face="Arial">oaston.
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      The body found Saturday night in Royalton Township has been identified as a woman who was reported missing days earlier.The Fulton County Sheriff's Office identified the body as Brandi Gonyer-Boaston.Authorities said she was reported missing to the Lucas County Sheriff's Office Friday night around 7:40pm.

      A deputy received a call from hunters who reported a vehicle parked in a field on County Road N between County Roads 8 and State Route 109 in Royalton Township.

      W hen the deputy arrived , a car was found running with a body inside. The Fulton County Sheriff's Office says a cause of death is pending upon autopsy results from the Lucas County Sheriff's Office.

      A gencies in Fulton and Lucas Counties as well as Toledo Police and BCI are investigating the scene.