Husted denies nominations to Lucas Co. Board of Elections

Nominations to replace vacancies of Lucas County Board of Elections faced rejection Tuesday.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted explained in a letter to Jon Stainbrook, head of the Lucas County Republican Party, that he would not appoint nominees Kelly Bensman and Benjamin Roberts.

Husted stated he would not appoint "anyone connected with the problems connected with the past," linking Bensman and Roberts who have previously served on the board.

Husted described Roberts "unfit to manage," after serving five months in 2011. Roberts resigned, saying in a letter "he was unable to make a difference."

Bensman was claimed to have been " a central figure in creating a figure of dysfunction and distrust," after board members and staff frequently reported incidences of intimidation and and provocation, according to Husted.

Earlier this month, the state decided to removed board members Ron Rothenbuler, Tony DeGidio and Stainbrook after an investigation by an oversight committee.