I-475 access to and from Secor Rd. temporarily ends Thursday

Traffic on and around Secor Rd. in West Toledo is about to get a little trickier.

The 10-day closure of I-475 exit ramps from Secor Rd. is set to begin early Thursday morning, a few days behind schedule.

The city had postponed the closure due to rainy weather delaying the completion of the first phase of the massive Secor Rd. construction project.

The project, estimated to cost around $5.5 million, includes work on waterlines and repairs to the roadway, just south of I-475. The city of Toledo is pitching in $1.9 million for the reconstruction with the remainder of funding coming from the state of Ohio.

The traffic restriction coincides with the two-week shutdown of Sylvania Ave., between Holland-Sylvania and Corey Rd.

During the I-475 ramp closures, which begin Thursday at 2 a.m., drivers are encouraged to drive east on I-475 and use the Promedica Parkway exit . Westbound motorists should exit at Douglas Road, Monroe Street or Talmadge Road.