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      Ice cream shop owner to run for Toledo City Council

      A local business owner says she plans to run for the Toledo City Council seat that will be left vacant by mayor-elect D. Michael Collins next month.

      Marcia Helman stood alongside her family and campaign supporters at the Walbridge Park Shelter House on Tuesday, as she announced her intention to run for the Toledo City Council District 2 seat.

      â??This district has a history rich in tradition of being represented by great individuals,â?? said Helman. She continued, â??My desire is to carry on their legacy of service and commitment to district two.â??

      Helman is a life-long Toledo resident, who has owned the Lickety Split ice cream shop for the past 31 years. Helman said her small business experience and volunteer efforts are why sheâ??s decided to run for the job.

      â??I enjoy volunteering, I enjoy working for people, I enjoy serving people,â?? said Helman.

      City councilman Rob Ludeman will serve as Helmanâ??s campaign chair.He will recommend appointing the seat at city councilâ??s meeting on January 2.