If you can dream it, you can draw it!

Megan Jurek signs a copy of Gilbert the Grasshopper.

Nick Rokicki and Joe Kelley, authors of the bestselling childrenâ??s book, Pete the Popcorn, have teamed up with local 6th grade student, Megan Jurek, to produce a new book for children. Jurek provided nearly 100 cartoon-style illustrations for Gilbert the Grasshopper, a crossover book aimed at children graduating from picture stories to chapter books.

â??It was really fun doing the illustrations,â?? Jurek said. â??I have been drawing for a really long time. I love drawing. I do it every day.â??

Rokicki and Kelley visited Regina Coeli Elementary School in fall to conduct a school author visit. Meganâ??s mother shared that Megan had artistic talent. â??We thought what a better way for a child to inspire other kids, than allow her the opportunity to actually illustrate a book of her own,â?? Rokicki said.

Gilbery the Grasshopper is the story of a curious insect, who accidently finds himself in the cabin of an airplane. Throughout the story, he learns about the experience of flying and eventually shares his knowledge with others.

Jurek said, â??I hope people get inspired to draw.â??

The release of the book was celebrated with a book signing event at Rachel Michaelâ??s Gourmet Popcorn, in Toledo. Gilbert the Grasshopper marks the seventh book from the pair of authors. It is Jurekâ??s first published book.