Imagination Station asks voters for levy renewal support

The Imagination Station kicked off their levy renewal campaign on Wednesday.

Imagination Station supporters, team members and directors are asking Lucas County voters to renew their levy in the polls this November

On Wednesday morning, board of directors chairman David Waterman, executive director Lori Hauser and special guest speaker Deicie Sawyers told Lucas County residents how the existing levy enhanced the science center's educational reach and what the renewal meant for the community .

Hauser addressed the pledge made to Lucas County residents in the 2008 levy campaign that included free admission for Lucas County residents, 12 and under, every Saturday. She said the Imagination had not only delivered on that expectation, but had also offered discounts on admission, memberships and school groups to Lucas County residents everyday.

Waterman said Issue 26 was not a new tax, but a renewal of the Imagination Station's existing five-year property tax levy. The levy costs $5.21 per $100,000 in residential value annually.

Funds generated by the existing levy totaled approximately $1.25 million in 2012 and represented about a third of the science center's annual budget. Renewal funds would not be released to the Imagination Station until after the initial levy is exhausted in 2013.

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