Imagination Station levy passes by 306 votes

Issue 26, the Imagination Station levy , passed by a margin of 306 votes. The Lucas County Board of Elections met on Tuesday to certify the 2012 General Election results. On election night Issue 26 trailed by 1095 votes. Of the more than 8200 provisional ballots that were deemed valid, 7,715 of them made a decision on Issue 26. 4,548 of the provisional ballots had a "yes" vote for the levy and 3,167 had a "no" vote on the levy. This turned the 1,095 vote election night deficit into a 306 vote win. Lori Hauser, CEO of Imagination Station, was present during today's special Board of Elections meeting. After board members certified the election results she expressed her satisfaction with the science museum's electoral reversal of fortune. "This is wonderful, we are very grateful for the support and look forward to continuing to provide a vibrant science museum," Ms. Hauser said.

The 302 vote difference has triggered an automatic recount which will take place on Thursday, December 6. The recount is not expected to reverse the vote count that was certified today.