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      Imam leaving Islamic Center of Greater Toledo after 16 years

      The Imam of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo said one of his final prayers on Sunday as leader of the mosque.

      Imam Farooq Abo Elzahab told community members at a sermon on Sunday that â??philosophical differencesâ?? factored into the board of directorâ??s decision to find a new imam. Although his final day as imam is Monday, Elzahab said itâ??s ultimately the community who leads the mosque.

      "The community really are the leader because those are the ones who attend prayer, those are the ones who come and they benefit from the imam," said Elzahab.

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      Many community members filled the prayer room early Sunday afternoon to attend one of five daily prayers. Guided by Islamâ??s holy book, the Quran, Elzahab has spent his career teaching a simple life lesson.

      "The lesson is a struggle really. Especially, to be good, you've got to struggle."

      The mosqueâ??s council has not yet chosen Elzahabâ??s successor, although he is expected to be involved in the decision.