Injured dog makes startling recovery, Soon available for adoption

Mr. Jenkins' before and after pictures show how far he has come thanks to the public's generousity.

Nearly two weeks after being turned into the Lucas County Dog Warden, as a stray, a severely injured pit bull is well on his way to a full recovery.

Shortly after being found, the male dog now named Mr. Jenkins was taken in by the Lucas County Pit Crew.

The Toledo-area rescue set up a chip-in account to collect enough money to pay for a skin graft, to cover a large wound on the back of Mr. Jenkins head, and to remove a portion of an injured paw.

Days later donations, from as far away as Australia, poured in and quickly reached the $700.00 needed to pay for the procedures.

"We appreciate it so much. It makes it possible for us to save dogs like Mr. Jenkins," Jean Keating of the Lucas County Pit Crew said.

In addition to the donations from the public, Dr. Gary Thompson performed the needed surgeries at half the usual cost.

Believed to be around 1-year-old, Mr. Jenkins will be in a foster home until sometime next week when he will go up for adoption.

"They would be one lucky family to have Mr. Jenkins and he's a ton of fun. He could really care less about what happened to him. He's all about let's play," Keating added.

The Lucas County Pit Crew believes Mr. Jenkins may have sustained his injuries in a dog fighting operation.

However, he is said to be friendly with other dogs and very energetic despite all he has been through.