Inmate commits suicide at corrections center

Brandon Daniels, a CCNO inmate, commited suicide on Thursday. / mayu** (Flickr)

A Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio officer found a 21-year-old inmate dead after an apparent suicide on Thursday. Brandon J. Daniels, 21, died around 12:45 a.m. at the Williams County Hospital in Bryan.

CCNO director Jim Dennis told The Crescent-News that the officer discovered Daniels hanging in his cell during the regular 30-minute security checks. This is the fifth suicide since the facility opened in 1990.

"It's an unfortunate situation," Dennis told The Crescent-News. "Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family."

Daniels was housed in a maximum security cell at CCNO after he was arrested by Defiance police on a contempt of court charge on Sept. 9. He was held on a $175,000 cash bond after being indicted in Defiance County Common Pleas Court on three counts of trafficking, along with single charges of drug paraphernalia, corrupt activity, initmidating a crime victim and retaliation.

As standard procedure, authorities will interview CCNO staff who responded to the incident and conduct an internal investigation.

The inmate's death comes only days after a drug trafficking defendant was found dead in her cell at the Lucas County Jail. Deputy county coroner Dr. Diane Barnett said the autopsy depends on the toxicology report, which won't be finished for another few weeks.