Insider tips to saving more at the grocery store

Looking for the best ways to save on your grocery bill? Look no further.

Grocery stores and supermarket chains across the country are feeling the financial pinch, like most of the rest of America. Yahoo! Finance is ready to fill you in on the ins and outs of your favorite store's policies and promotions, giving you the inside edge on savings.

Several grocery store managers, who prefer to remain anonymous, offered up the following tips and tricks for customers looking to score the best values inside their stores:

Know your store's coupon policies: Stores like Kroger double or triple coupon face values in some states, usually on specific days and to specific limits. On a double coupon day, a $1 off coupon will be worth $2 off.

Use loyalty programs: Now more than ever, stores are trying to attract you with special rewards for shopping at their stores, but not all stores have these programs. At CVS, you can earn Extra Bucks (cash built up on your Extra Care rewards card) for qualifying purchases for use as cash off your next purchase. At Costco, an executive membership earns 2 percent cash-back rewards (up to $500 per year) on Costco purchases.

Find the final s and clearance: Walmart denotes clearance merchandise with orange or blue stickers and marks down produce and bakery items in addition to clearance grocery items in different locations of each store. Kroger repackages broken egg cartons to include eggs of all sizes, clearly marked to clear out.


Understand multiples and BOGOs: At some stores, a sign will say "Two for $5," but if you buy one, it costs $3. Other times, 10 for $10 really means that no matter how many you buy, you still get the deal price at $1 each. Buy-one-get-one deals, or BOGOs, can also get tricky. For example, at one store you might get two bags of BOGO chips for $3.99, but individually they cost $3.99. In such cases, of course, it doesn't pay to just get one. But at another store, the same chips might be $3.29 regularly or $2 each when on sale.

'Where's the Beef' savings?: Look for "chubs." That's the word for a whole cooked ham, turkey breast or roast beef in the meat section. Then take it over to the deli section and ask them to slice it. You will save more than 50 percent over the brand-name and even store-name deli meats.

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