Inspirational kid recipient of new bike

TOLEDO - Another great kid has a new set of wheels thanks to Wersell's Bike Shop and the 'Bikes for Kids' program.

Alexis Malkowski has been an inspiration to other kids in her classroom. Her teacher at Northpoint Academy says the soon-to-be 8-year-old has already mastered the art of getting things done. And, for that, she nominated Alexis for a new bike.

The program is run by the Charles Boyk Law Office.

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"Alexis sets by example," said her teacher Alexis Bowman. "She may be quiet but she's always on task. She's always ready to learn and she's such an outstanding student. There's nobody in our classroom who doesn't love Alexis."

Attorney Chuck Boyk hopes that the gift of a new bike encourages and inspires other kids to follow suit.